DJ Smiley BIO

bio_logoIt all started when I purchased my first record,RUN DMC “sucker mc”. I then knew music would be my life. As my record collection grew I then started playin school parties and also playin in clubs, with my brother who by that time had a sound system for me to get my experience in playing for large crowds, that was largley diversed. That also gave me the knowledge to appreciate other genres of music. As time went on, I Aquired the position of resident DJ, inside the brooklyn’s hottest night club, “Club Warehouse”. From that I did some quick cameos inside trinity night club, with the infamous DJ Ruckshun and also In club wharehouse is where I got my experince playin live on the radio stations; WLIB & WWRL broadcasts friday & Saturday nights, live “via” the club with the hosts Prince Kulunda & Simon Templer.and in doing so well with this, It would then be proven that this wouldn’t be the last time I would be on the radio. I then began to approach another frontier of radio Which was being featured on the hottest underground station,the ever famous “Bashment Radio”. And it was not only until at that time is when I developed my radio host voice and my mc-ing skills.with these several accomplishments under my wing it made me one of the better well rounded djs that u can find today.